Which is Better: Streaming or Satellite TV?

There was a time when watching shows generally meant that you were watching the TV. Today, it can mean anything. You could see shows through your cable subscription, satellite subscription, or streaming service. 

Now that there are so many options available, how do you know which one is better? Should you invest in a satellite subscription or should you simply opt to pay for a streaming service? We will try to help you choose as we discuss their features. 

What is Satellite TV?

Satellite TV has existed for a very long while. Signals from the satellite in orbit, are transmitted to the satellite dish in the households. The receiver converts the signals into a format that can be displayed on television.  

What Are Streaming Services?

Streaming TV is a newer form of technology that is available without the use of any special equipment. Today, you can download the streaming app onto your device. Once that is done, you will be required to create an account, and pay the necessary membership fees. After this step, you would be able to stream any of the shows that it offers. In some cases, you can also download the shows to see later. 

Satellite vs Streaming

Each service can offer you access to most of the shows that are available to view. But how do you pick which is the right one for you? Let’s have a deeper look.


At first glance, a satellite subscription is much more expensive than a streaming service. DirecTV packages start at $79.99 every month if you sign a long-term agreement with them. A streaming service, say Netflix, can cost $9.99 to $19.99 per month. The difference between the two packages is significant. But, it’s not that simple.

Netflix may cost you just a small amount, but it’s useless without a broadband connection. Netflix requires that your internet speed should be up to 25Mbps if you and another member are streaming content at the same time. If there are more members in the house, the requirement increases. You don’t just pay for the monthly subscription, but also the monthly internet package. 

Additionally, if you plan to stream shows and movies of different services, then you would be required to pay their respective memberships. This adds up and you will be paying a monthly fee that amounts as much to a satellite subscription itself. 


Streaming TV shows offer you a lot of flexibility. You can choose any time of the day to watch any of the TV shows that it contains, instead of adhering to a fixed schedule. You can also download shows and movies onto your device so that you could see them during long commutes or road trips. 

With satellite TV, you would be required to view the show at the time that it is broadcast. However, DirecTV packages offer you tens of thousands of on-demand titles that can be viewed at any time. Additionally, you can also download the DVR recordings and watch them offline at any time that is suitable for you.  


Streaming services cannot compare to the selection that is offered by satellite TV. Streaming services may hold thousands of hours of content, but not all of it could be worth watching. For a larger variety, you would be required to sign up with other streaming services and that would add to your monthly expenses. 

Satellite TV, though, can offer you hundreds of channels from which you can choose. You have TV shows dedicated to offering you kid-friendly content, more mature shows and movies, food channels, and a variety of sports channels too. And if you can afford to, there are a variety of premium channels that you can add to your package and enjoy. 


The quality of streaming services has improved over time, but it depends upon your internet connection. If your internet is being used by various people, your video quality may be low and the video will lag. 

Satellite TV quality is a lot better. The reception isn’t interrupted by other users and your satellite can capture the signals and transmit them to your television. 


In most ways, streaming services are a lot more convenient than satellite TV. You don’t have to pay for any devices for the streaming service or any installation charges. All you need is an internet connection to download and install the app and stream the content. 

Satellite TV will come with installation charges, as the satellite dish will need to be installed and connected to your household.  

In Conclusion

In almost all cases, satellite TV comes out as the clear winner. If you want a wide variety of quality content that is accessible to you at all times, satellite TV is the way to go. You can contact DirecTV Customer Service to enquire about the packages that they offer.