Treat Yourself to These Great Gadgets Under $75

By | February 17, 2024

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Screenshot: Amazon

’Tis the season to holiday shop––but you know what’s more fun than holiday shopping? Impulse buying cool things for yourself. Like I always say: one for you. One for me. Here are 5 gadgets under $75 to reward yourself for all that generosity.

Lamp | $37

For only $37, you can have a lamp that changes color with the push of a button. Illuminate your room with a cool blue, a dramatic red, or a serene green. The vibe shift is coming and your new lamp can be the reason.

Amazon | $70

Woah, is there an echo in here? There can be if you hop on this great deal. Amazon’s Echo Buds are now $50 off. This is a great chance to get noise cancelling ear buds at a steep discount.

Amazon | $62

Get back on your literal grind with this steel coffee grinder for just $62. For the price of just 10 coffee shop cold brews, you could have your own freshly ground beans waiting for you at home.

Amazon | $45

Are portable Bluetooth speakers just not quite portable enough for your tastes? This JBL speaker clips onto your bag so you can bring it anywhere hands-free. A nice bonus? It’s waterproof! Unfortunately, we can’t make the same guarantee for the bag that you clipped it onto.

Amazon | $50

Buying herbs at the grocery store is for suckers! Start your new life as a farmer with this hydroponics growing system with an LED grow light. At just $50, this is a great dill. I mean deal.