Top 10 AI Gadgets Every Smart Household Must Have

Roben Walker

by Disha Ganguli

June 11, 2021


AI for Smart Household Management.

Artificial intelligence has demonstrated its potential in various industries but its potential to transform household infrastructures remains underrated. Household management includes tasks like monitoring baby sleeping, monitoring sleeping patterns and sleep cycles of the members of the household, cooking food, and fitness timetables. AI experts understand and acknowledge the fact that managing household chores, at times, can be challenging for humans and in order to make the task easy, the incorporation of certain AI gadgets is imperative to transform a traditional household into a smart one.


Innovation Begins At Home with Quirky AI Gadgets

The idea of incorporating robots in our daily lives seems intimidating at first but the unconventionality steps in when we bring AI into our lives, which paves way for smarter perspectives.


Square Off Grand Kingdom Smart AI Chessboard

The Square Off Grand Kingdom is actually a chessboard that is different from what is available in regular stationery shops. Square off the Grand Kingdom is imbued with AI, sensors, and robotics which cause the chess pieces to move on their own. The chessboard allows one to play with opponents from all over the world with 20 difficulty levels to choose from.


Embodied Inc. Moxie Childhood Development Robot

The Embodied Inc. Moxie Childhood Development Robot is a robotics teacher for children. The gadget uses play-based techniques to develop emotional, social, and cognitive skills in children. Moxie can be a true friend to a child as it is also capable of listening to children and also recites stories and poems to them.


Tempo Studio AI Home Gym

While visiting a gym in a post-pandemic world is highly discouraged, fitness should be incessant. To meet this need, AI has emerged as a perfect alternative for fitness devotees. Tempo Studio AI Home Gym includes everything that is required for a total body workout. The setup includes two dumbbells, a barbell, a recovery roller, a barbell, and several more pieces of equipment.


Hoop Cam+

Hoop Cam+ is a smart AI camera that can be a potential preventer of thefts and other possible criminal activities in a household. Hoop Cam+ can recognize faces and raises an alarm on detection of anything suspicious. One needs to simply upload pictures of family, friends, and the known ones.


Cubo AI

Cubo AI can be a perfect gadget for new mothers who are often confronted with hard times monitoring the sleeping cycle and sleeping pattern of their babies. The Cubo AI Sleep Safety Baby Monitor is specially designed to monitor babies during their sleep. The gadget also emits signals if the baby enters into any danger zone.


LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box Pet Health Monitor

As the name suggests LuluPet is a smart AI gadget, designed to examine your pet’s urine and stool. The gadget also helps pet owners to track abnormal behaviors in their pets.



ALFRED AI is a personal assistant robot. The robot is adept in multi-tasking, which performs tasks on your behalf. Tasks the robot performs include weather measurement, predicting rainfall, and danger alerts.


Oral B io AI Toothbrush

Years of using Oral B and yet most of us were not aware of the fact that the company produces AI-powered toothbrushes. The toothbrush helps in improving your brushing techniques. It comes with a smart feature sensor that notifies you about the correctness of your brushing techniques. The notifications are received in the Oral B app.


Ayi Mirror

Ayi mirror is an AI-powered smart mirror that resembles a conventional mirror. However, it is an intelligent screen when turned on. It can play music and measure the temperature of a household, flip light switches, and many more.


Huawei AI Cube Alexa Smart Speaker

Huawei AI Cube can be called a twin of Amazon’s Alexa that can play songs and recite poems for you. Additionally, this smart speaker serves as a router that offers 4G and WiFi connectivity.

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