These smart travel gadgets make your journey pleasant

By | November 7, 2023

Travelling is a balm to a weary soul provided everything is smooth-sailing. Gadgets such as a camera with accessories, charger and USB charger add to the convenience and fun. Here are a few travel accessories you need whether you are flying, going by train or driving. They are a must-have both in India and abroad. Croma, a one-stop destination for consumer electronics and durables, is your go-to place for all travel accessories.

Since packing well means bringing only what you need, we have picked accessories that are light, durable and versatile.

Croma Selfie Stick with Tripod

What’s a holiday without pictures? A reliable aid for great pictures would be Croma’s selfie stick with tripod. Its features are impressive, especially that it is super expandable. You could shorten it for close shots or get scenic and wide-angle shots when the selfie stick is expanded. It is compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones ranging from 5.5 cm to 9 cm.

We chose it for being lightweight and portable – you could easily fold and carry it in your travel packs. It has a load capacity of 3,000g and Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with one-month warranty.

Price: Rs 1,599 (inclusive of all taxes)

Croma Adjustable 134 cm Tripod for Cameras

If you are looking for a sturdy tripod that could help you take great pictures, then Croma’s Adjustable 134 cm Tripod for Camera is a great accessory. Let’s tell you why – it’s lightweight and suitable for mobiles and camera. There is a universal screw mount for digital camera and 4-sections multi-function feature that’s the best in the market. And did we mention it’s adjustable and comes with a 12-month warranty?

For photographers, it’s a must-carry accessory.

Price: Rs 1,999 (inclusive of all taxes)

Croma Adjustable 128 cm Tripod for Camcorder DSLR Action Camera and Mobile Phones

In today’s time of quality content for social media, intrepid photographers require to take high-quality innovative photographs. Most professional photographers swear by their trusted tripod to help them with taking remarkable pictures.

Croma’s Adjustable 128 cm Tripod for Camcorder DSLR Action Camera and Mobile Phones is one such asset. It has four sections of height adjustment, multi-level locking, and solid rubberized legs. The steady rubberized legs ensure that the tripod is as stable as possible. There’s a 3-Way Head with an adjustable pan can to adjust as you want to expand the range of shots that you wish to capture. The universal screw mount works with majority of smartphones, digital cameras, still cameras, GoPro gear, and video cameras.

The tripod has an integrated bubble head that may be adjusted for horizontal position and the best feature which we like is the flexible tripod legs which allow you to wrap the tripod on lamp posts, fences, tree branches, door knobs and practically on any surface. It comes with a 12-month warranty.

Price: Rs 1,999 (inclusive of all taxes)

Croma Dual Port USB & Type-C Wall Charging Adapter

Instead of carrying several chargers, using the dual port wall charger adapter can quickly charge multiple devices quickly. There’s a sublime value to such a travel accessory which can change the plug shape to match the electrical outlet in front of you. Croma’s Dual Port USB & Type-C wall Charging Adapter is ideal for mobiles, tablets, cameras, MP3 and MP4 Players. You can let a dual-voltage appliance or a converter from one country to be plugged into the wall outlet of another country. It is especially useful if travelling to the UK, Europe, the USA, and Australia/New Zealand. It can be used in India as well since it comes with an Indian plug adapter, so go ahead and shop wherever you wish without having to worry about charging it in India.

It’s lightweight and comes in a compact design. There are two USB ports and two Type-C ports and 100-250 V. This comes with a 6-month warranty.

Price: Rs 1,999 (inclusive of all taxes)

Croma 1 Amp Universal Adapter

We can’t stress enough on the need for a universal adapter when travelling abroad. Without this simple accessory, charging your mobile phone or laptop becomes a Herculean feat, especially during layovers at airports. Consider Croma’s one Amp Universal Adapter with a single USB port that’s ideal for charging mobiles and laptops. It comes with an input voltage that ranges from 100 volts to 250 volts that helps in transferring energy into your USB-friendly devices.

It consists of LED indicator that helps to indicate the amount of energy left in the system. Travel will be seamless with this singular utilitarian accessory which can easily slide into your pocket. Current: 1 Amp.

Price: Rs 499 (inclusive of all taxes)

Croma 2.1 Amp Universal Dual USB Wall Charging Adapter

In the time of connectivity, there are some devices we don’t want to leave behind – be it phones, laptop, tablet, Kindle and so on. The Croma 2.1 Amp Universal Dual USB Wall Charging Adapter is recommended for connecting with multiple devices for multifaceted utility. There are two USB ports which makes it handy when you are occupied with two devices. It has been crafted by an AC outlet that comes with a safety shutter ensuring safety and compatibility.

Again, this is handy and compact making it super easy to carry it with you. Comes with a 6-month warranty.

Price: Rs 999 (inclusive of all taxes)

Croma 12 Watts 2 USB Ports Car Charging Adapter

Going on a road trip? Make sure you stay connected with Croma’s 12 Watts 2 USB Ports Car Charging Adapter. This charger stays securely in the cigarette lighter plug and provides continuous power on the go thanks to its plastic material. You can charge two gadgets at the same time, thanks to its dual-port USB and it is compatible with mobiles, smart watches, and TWS. It comes with a total output of 12W. Excessive current, overheating and overcharging are all protected by built-in precautions.

Although it is one of the tiniest USB vehicle chargers ever produced, it is speedy, compact and lightweight.

Price: Rs 199

Croma 38 Watts 2 USB Ports Car Charging Adapter

With some additional features, Croma’s 38 Watts 2 USB Ports Car Charging Adapter is ideal for wireless ear buds, tablets, eReaders, smart watches, fitness bands and mobiles. Now you can carry all the gadgets that you want but without the bother of carrying separate chargers. With Quick Charge (QC) technology and power delivery (PD) technology, you have with you a total power of 38W and a charging efficiency that is three times that of normal chargers. It comes with a 12-month warranty.

Cost: Rs 499 (inclusive of all taxes)