The best Prime Day deals on kitchen gadgets

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Amazon has discounts on blenders, air fryers, pressure cookers and more for its Prime Early Access sale — but there are only a few hours left!

My favorite room in the house is, without a doubt, the kitchen. I love cooking and trying out new recipes from around the world. I guess you could say I’m something of a foodie! I also love trying out kitchen gadgets of all kinds, and am always on the lookout for the best devices to help me whip up great meals.

And oh man, has Amazon got the treats this Prime Day (aka Prime Early Access sale day)! It’s a strategic time to shop for deals on kitchen goods and more, as Amazon needs to make space for its winter inventory. We’ve combed through the options to save you time. So keep on scrolling and get your “Add to Cart” finger ready! From air fryers to blenders, here are the best Prime Early Access deals on gifty kitchen gadgets. Remember, though: You need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of these deals. Here’s how you can sign up for a free trial, which also gives you complimentary shipping.

Top Air Fryers and Pressure Cookers


Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

$100$130Save $30

Have a small kitchen? Then this 4-quart air fryer from Ninja is perfect for you. It still air-fries foods like a dream and it won’t take up a lot of counter space.

$100 at Amazon

The Ninja AF101 is small but mighty! It can fit two pounds of french fries, which is certainly more than enough for two people. It bakes, roasts and dehydrates, plus the basket and rack are dishwasher-safe.

“The Ninja takes up slightly less space than the stand mixer,” said a happy Amazon shopper. “It’s lightweight and easy to pull out from under the cabinet to use (to allow for airflow). I like it so much… So much easier to clean than a pan and my stovetop. It cooked breaded chicken rounds, fish, and tater tots and in about 10 minutes. Much less time than a toaster oven.”

It preheats much faster than a regular oven and is much more efficient as well. Best of all, clean up is a breeze! Both the tray and basket are nonstick and dishwasher-safe!

One shopper called it the best kitchen appliance they ever bought: “This gets used at least once a week and sometimes every night of the week. Game changer for cooking during the summer and not having to use my oven. This doesn’t heat up my house. I’ve cooked so many different things in this (not just frozen food processed food) steak, veggies, stir fry, bbq chicken, fajitas, fries, tenders…I make my toast in it every morning. It takes some patience in getting the right temp. and cooking time, but there are many websites/resources to assist with this. Once you get the times/temps, write them down and you’re good to go.”

The Cosori Pro Air Fryer is much beloved for a reason: It just works! It’s easy to clean and it crisps up foods beautifully. With over 74,000 five-star ratings, the it makes cooking fun, easy and approachable.

“I have used this air fryer every single day since I purchased it,” said one happy shopper. “I am amazed at how easy it makes cooking chicken breasts, chicken tenders, and pork chops. I especially like how the meat is fully cooked (I test using a meat thermometer) but still so tender and juicy…. I am so happy I finally purchased an air fryer, and this Cosori is still easy to clean (even after I made pork chops with a lot of sauce the other night), easy to use, and has made cooking so much easier.”


Cosori Air Fryer Toaster Oven

$117$150Save $33

Want a toaster oven that can do everything? Then this might be it — it can air fry as well as bake, roast, and dehydrate! It also works with Alexa. Save an extra $10 by applying the on-page coupon!

$117 at Amazon

The Cosori Air Fryer Toaster Oven can fit up to six slices of bread, a 12-inch pizza or even a five-pound chicken. It’s a lot faster and more efficient than a regular convection oven, plus it’s super smart so you can control it with just your voice!

Even professional chefs love it: “I am a chef, and I run a teaching kitchen. I already had two full-size gas ovens and one full-size electric oven. I wanted to have a backup so that students could socially distance but didn’t want a lot of space taken up. I bought this oven in early December and have been putting it through its paces so that I know its weaknesses and strengths so there are no surprises during cooking classes. After using it a few times daily for more than a month and tapping into all of its features, I highly recommend this sweet little oven. It is fast, efficient, easy to use, and big enough to cook a sizeable roast or chicken.”

What sets this Instant Pot apart from the rest is that it has five programmable settings which you can set for your own favorite recipes. Plus, the inner pot comes with stay-cool silicone handles, so you can take it from your Instant Pot to the counter! Other features include overheating protection, a safe locking lid, and a gentle steam release which helps reduce noise and prevents splashes.

One five-star review on Amazon says it makes the best chicken ever. “I bought this for my mother… and I’m so glad I did. She would not stop talking about it for months and still uses it a few times a week. She cooks a whole chicken in it and it is the easiest meal ever. I don’t know what magic is in this machine but the chicken is so juicy and never dry. I have never experienced a chicken like the one we cook in this machine.”

The Instant Pot Pro Crisp has an air fryer lid, which lets you add even more functionality to the Instant Pot. It adds an air fryer, a roaster, a mini oven, a broiler and a dehydrator. It also has an inner pot that is safe for the stovetop.

“The duality of this machine is fabulous!!!” exclaimed an enthusiastic shopper. “The air fryer works like a dream and I made the most amazing Chili Verde in 45 minutes thanks to the pressure cooker. If you like really good crispy food, a delicious roast or stew in under an hour, and easy clean up, this is the magic machine for you!”

It’s large enough to fit four generously sized burgers and about a pound of fries! Bonus: It’s so powerful that you can easily turn frozen food into char-grilled wonders in under 25 minutes.

“It’s a Ninja innovation,” exclaims this enthusiastic five-star review. “In a nutshell, it’s a very well-designed and engineered indoor grill with the added benefits of the air frying that I love so much along with baking/roasting functions and dehydration…. This thing is…pretty much perfect. It does have a significant footprint BUT if it’s something that’s going to be used all the time, as I do, the physical size doesn’t really matter…. In sum, this Foodi rocks the house. It’s an incredibly valuable addition to my kitchen and even only having it for a short time it’s already become a nearly-indispensable part of my kitchen equipment.”

This Philips Air fryer has a 3-quart capacity which will easily fit a bag of frozen fries. It can air fry, bake, grill, roast, reheat, dehydrate and more. And since it’s power-efficient, it will heat up much faster than a traditional oven.

“This thing is EXCELLENT!!” said a five-star Amazon review. “So far I cooked chicken, fish, french fries and onion rings and they have never tasted better. I put a whole chicken in it and it came out juicy and with crispy skin, without the fat. Frozen onion rings and french fries were crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy inside. Fish (I cooked cod) was fantastic. Cleanup is pretty easy. It all just wipes off clean. I have not tried to put it into the dishwasher, even though it says you can. I recommend this to everyone.”

Best coffee and tea devices

The coffee pot has a no-drip spout and a simple on/off button — all you need to make the perfect wake-up cup.

“Nice coffeemaker, and at just 13” tall, shorter than most, fits under my kitchen cabinets well,” said a five-star review. “Makes good coffee. Our last maker didn’t have an auto shutoff so could easily scorch leftovers in an unattended pot. This maker shuts off after an hour, too soon for leisurely sippers! … we get around that by resetting the on/off button, which then extends the heated plate an additional hour.”

All you need to do is add your favorite Nespresso Vertuo capsule, and you’re able to enjoy a fresh cup in seconds. It features a large 40-ounce water tank plus a 17-count used capsule container.

A five-star shopper on Amazon loves it: “I can’t rave enough about the Nespresso machine! For one, you can decide where the water tank goes. It can be on the right side as pictured. Directly behind. Or to the left. It’s easy to turn. The water tank has an impressive capacity. There is no max marking, only a min marking…. So far we’ve had no issues and we use this twice a day. Soooo easy!! It’s got a quick warm-up time too…. I love this machine. It’s quiet, it’s easy and it makes an amazing cup of caffeinated deliciousness!

This kettle has a hold-temp function that will keep the contents of the kettle warm for up to one hour! The five different temperature settings are designed for specific brews: white, oolong, green, black tea or coffee.

One shopper said it’s great for every use. “It’s the best. Hands down. So easy to program, takes 60 seconds to go from cold tap to a perfect boil, and super simple clean. I even brought it to the office so my co-workers and I could have a fancy coffee day and instantly 2 folks bought one…. Highly recommend if you drink tea, hot toddies, pour over or French press coffee, or just want some warm milk before bed.”

Best Blenders, Food Processors and Mixers

The Ninja Nutri-Blender is powerful enough to crush ice and break down fruits and veggies. It comes with dishwasher-safe parts along with two 20-ounce Ninja to-go cups so you can easily sip on your smoothie on your work commute.

“You cannot go wrong with this machine,” raved this five-star review. “Everything about it is excellent. It looks great and takes up very little space. It appears to have the power of a Vitamix, due to the heavy-duty motor [and] could not be easier to clean! I repeat: COULD NOT BE EASIER TO CLEAN! You just put your fruit or whatever into the plastic container, screw on the top, place the container atop the motor, in which are the spin blades, and press down on the container to blend!… This thing KNOCKS ME OUT! OUT-OF-THE-BALLPARK HOME RUN!!!”

The KitchenAid mini food processor has a small footprint but is still capable enough for making hummus, salsa, salad dressings and more. It’s also super easy to store away thanks to the simple cord wrap.

It’s an excellent gift as well, says this reviewer: “Amazing food processor… It blends really well and is extremely easy to clean. It’s also a great gift to give since the holidays are coming in. I will be getting another one for my family member. Love it.”

The motor is a powerful 1,000 watts that can easily make smoothies and shakes as well as your own nut milks. It comes with a 72-ounce pitcher for large batches.

“I love this blender!” said a reviewer who gave it five stars. “I’ve made smoothies, sauces, and cocktails in it. It blends really well… The blade comes out easily to clean, but cleaning the blade entirely can be a little difficult and somewhat hard since the blade is really really sharp. The only drawback. I would highly recommend it!”

Ideal for small kitchens, the KitchenAid Artisan Mini Plus is just as capable as its bigger brother, but in a scaled-down size. It’s durable and the 3.5-quart bowl is dishwasher-safe. The tilt-head design makes it super easy to add ingredients and it has ten speeds for nearly any task. It comes with a flex edge beater, a dough hook and a whisk attachment.

One shopper says it’s just as good as the larger professional mixers. “It is wonderful for smaller batches of, well anything. It has the same workings and appears to be just as good a kitchen workhorse! I am extremely happy and say this is worth its price!” This reviewer loves it as well: “I have been wanting a KitchenAid mixer for a long time but I’ve never had a lot of counter or pantry space to store it. Plus they are expensive. I found this mini during Prime Day, and I just couldn’t pass it up!”


Vitamix One

$149$240Save $91

If you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen and just want a simple and powerful blender for your morning smoothie, then the Vitamix One is a fantastic choice.

$149 at Amazon

You don’t need to spend hundreds more to get the power of a Vitamix. This model has a powerful motor that will break down frozen fruit and tough vegetables like kale. The controls are very easy — just a single simple dial does it all. Its small footprint means it’ll fit in any kitchen, perhaps even in a dorm room!

“I am incredibly happy with this purchase!” said a happy shopper who calls it the perfect blender. “I recently started blending my own kale & spinach smoothies and this blender can make them so smooth in exactly 60 seconds. It doesn’t take much space on your countertop like the larger, cumbersome Vitamix units. This one has a retro streamlined look, and you can’t beat the price. Love it.”

The blades can reach speeds so fast that they’ll create friction heat, warming up cold ingredients to steaming hot in mere minutes. There’s a reason professional chefs all over the world love the Vitamix too; it easily purees vegetables, fruits and more into a fine, smooth concoction. Say goodbye to lumps in your smoothies!

“I love this blender,” said a five-star review on Amazon. “I delayed years, because of the price, mostly. But now, I’m so happy. I make two smoothies a day, with protein and fruit, protein and veggies. This blender handles it all, and is super-easy to clean afterward! There’s lots more for me to explore with this blender, but for now, it does a fantastic job with anything I throw at it.”

The powerful professional series Vitamix has five pre-programmed settings for smoothies, frozen desserts, soups and more. The hardened stainless-steel blades combined with the powerful motor will crush ice, demolish frozen fruit and break down tough vegetables. Cleaning is super easy as well — you can blend a drop of soap with some water and then rinse it out, or just stick the blender jar in the dishwasher.

One five-star review proclaims it’s the best blender ever: “I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blender. Just a quick example of how awesome it is: I have been making this protein smoothie for years which calls for rolled oats and chia seeds among other ingredients. Due to these two ingredients, it has always come out lumpy with grits and grains in it no matter what blender I used. Even my old high-end blender. When I made this same smoothie with the Vitamix it came out COMPLETELY SMOOTH AND TOTALLY FREE OF ANY GRAINS….even the chia seeds! It was amazing!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this blender to anyone, period.”

Clever Breakfast Gadgets

The toasting slots are 1.5-inches wide to fit extra thick slices of bread such as Texas Toast and bagels. It has six adjustable toasting levels and a clever reheat function in case you need to reheat breads quickly without over-browning.

“I love the fact that a middle setting produces medium toasted bread,” said a five-star review. “My FORMER long-slot toaster, with a single slot and clear window, had to be cranked to the highest setting to tackle the mysteries of browning bread. I also love the dual long slots on this one. I can toast 2 pieces of artisan loaf sourdough at the same time. What a concept! This toaster looks good, functions better, and if it lasts (which I expect), will go down as an Allstar in my annals of toaster history. GOAT? May be too early to bestow that designation, but definitely in the running. Oh, and did I mention affordable? Toaster Nirvana awaits. (And no, I didn’t receive this free, or get a discount for this review, but hey, feel free to send me free stuff…)”

Simply pour your egg mixture into the silicone molds and you’ll get a perfectly sized egg bite in no time, and they’ll be a lot cheaper than buying them from the store! Great for keto, paleo, gluten-free, or vegetarian lifestyles as well. Alternatively, you can easily place an egg bite between two English muffins to make a delicious breakfast sandwich.

“I love this little egg cooker!” said an enthusiastic five-star review. “I live alone and making these little egg cups is perfect for me. Pour a bit of scrambled egg blended with cottage cheese into the cups along with diced veggies like onion, tomato, and peppers, and you have a perfect meal. It fits well into Keto diets or any high-protein menu. I would suggest spraying both top and bottom grills with vegetable spray as my first egg cups stuck to the top grill. After spraying it, the cups came out perfectly. I expect to get plenty of use from the unit.”

The griddle measures a very generous 20 by 10.5 inches and comes with temperature control plus a dishwasher-safe removable surface. It’s non-stick so no worries about eggs or pancakes sticking to it.

“I love this,” said a satisfied shopper. “I don’t eat much bacon, but I love bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches in summer. I can quickly fry up an entire package of bacon, use some, and freeze the rest for future use. Also, I’ve used it for making pancakes because the surface heats up nice and evenly. There are never any undercooked or burned pancakes. A very handy item to have in the kitchen!”


Omega Juicer, Chrome

$300$370Save $70

The Omega Juicer is a slow, masticating juicer that’s designed to get the most out of fruits and vegetables, and it’s much quieter than high-speed juicers. The chrome model is 19 percent off!

$300 at Amazon

You’ll get a much higher juice yield from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and more with the cold press juicer. You’ll also method also get more nutrients in every glass. On top of that, making your own juices is a lot more economical than buying them at the store.

This shopper says you won’t regret this purchase: “I looovvveee this juicer. It makes easily 2 to 3 times (sometimes 4x) the amount of juice to pulp… It handles beets (super hard) all the way to soft fruits and veggies (like spinach and pineapple). It’s easy to clean (all the parts come apart and together) and it comes with a brush to help clean. I have not made almond milk or peanut butter with it yet but I’m looking forward to it as this machine also does that! It’s easily one of the BEST decisions I made for my health and the health of my family. My weight has dropped slowly and my body craves the juice.”

Awesome Anytime Gadgets

The Anova Nano ensures you will never over or under cook your food again. It circulates water at the exact temperature required. All you need to do is place the food in a zipper-lock bag, immerse the bag in the water, and leave it in for a set amount of time. If you’re confused at all on how to get started, the Nano comes with a companion app that’ll help you set the whole thing up. It has thousands of recipes for you to try as well.

“I’m a true believer,” said a satisfied shopper. “You just dial in the temp and walk away. You can easily use this in most sized pots. We’ve gone from basic stock pots to a canning pot to a cooler when we did king crab legs (also turned out perfect). The Bluetooth connection is nice if you’ll be close by. You can pretend to be a master chef without getting your lazy self off the couch (if you’re anything like me). I also like that it detects if the water level is too high or low so you don’t damage the device.”

Lower your grocery bill in no time by making your own carbonated beverages. This bundle comes with a sparkling water maker, a couple of Co2 cylinders, three dishwasher-safe BPA-free reusable bottles and two bubbly drops flavors!

It has a positive environmental impact as well, said this reviewer: “I used to go through two 24-bottle cases of carbonated water every month (around two 16 oz bottles per day). Then, one day looking at the stack of empty plastic bottles in my recycling bin it struck me the huge environmental impact I cause (about 700 such bottles a year!). I was actually ashamed of myself. However, carbonated water is what I drink and can’t see giving it up. This is when I considered trying SodaStream as an alternative and ordered it immediately. I have been using it for a month now and am very happy with it. It is very simple to use- just add water to the water container and press the gas button three times.”

It’s waterproof so you can get it wet without any problems, and the digits are large and easy to read.

“Now I know exactly when my fish is done,” says a satisfied shopper. “I had always guessed when meat was done. After years of inconsistent results, I finally bought this thermometer. I wonder why I waited so long! It reads in just a few seconds, and the tip is ultra narrow which prevents visible holes in meats. Because this thermometer is so easy to use, I find myself measuring the temp of all kinds of things. For example, I use it to check the temp of water so that I get that perfect cup of tea.”

All you need to do is freeze the concoction of your choice and then place the frozen contents in the machine. The Creami then finely shaves and churns ice particles into creamy frozen treats! Turn a can of peaches into creamy sorbet! Or you could blend up bananas in unsweetened almond milk and freeze it for a sugar-free treat! The same goes for strawberries and yogurt!

“I bought this machine on a whim, during Prime Day as it was cheap,” said a happy shopper. “Wow! This has revolutionized our desserts. I love sorbets but they are typically expensive compared to ice cream. I also do not tolerate ice creams, between the sugar and dairy, it is just not easy on my digestion. Now I simply spin up a lovely fruit sorbet and enjoy! It’s totally the highlight of my day! I don’t really follow a recipe, I just add fruit (canned, fresh or frozen) and fruit juices… I also like the idea that I have total control over the ingredients I use.”

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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