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Taiwan accuses Beijing of waging economic war against tech sector | Cybersecurity News

Taiwan, home to world-leading semiconductor firms, has long been concerned about China’s alleged industrial snooping. Taiwan’s government has accused China of waging economic warfare against the Chinese-claimed island’s technology sector by stealing intellectual property and enticing away engineers, as its parliament considers strengthening legislation to prevent such alleged activity. Taiwan is home to a thriving… Read More »

Ukraine war proves Western technology is superior, German general says

WASHINGTON — Russia’s flagging invasion of its smaller neighbor Ukraine is demonstrating just how effective Western technologies are and how those who wield them maintain an advantage, according to German Air Force Gen. Chris Badia. “The Ukraine war shows us one thing,” Badia, the deputy supreme allied commander for transformation at NATO, said at a… Read More »

China and the US are locked in a superpower tech war to ‘win the 21st century’

In a calm workspace above the bustling Huaqiangbei electronics market in Shenzhen, China, engineer Xiong Chang reaches for a metal part sitting on the desk behind him. It might not look special but it’s a powerful example of why his UK-based tech start-up has chosen “China’s Silicon Valley”. “A quote for that [part] in a factory in the US would be several thousands of dollars… Read More »