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These bizarre objects are all health gadgets – but can you work out what they’re meant to treat?

Genie’s lamp that makes a splash Nosebuddy, £17.99, mad-hq.com This genie’s lamp-like device is a neti pot, used to flush out the sinuses and ease congestion. You fill it with sterile, salt water and, with a tilted head, you pour the water into one nostril — by tilting your head sideways, the water drains out… Read More »

Gadgets Were Hot. Now They’re Not.

A lot of companies have been caught off guard by changes in our spending choices this year. Americans eager to travel and party after two years of staying largely at home are gorging on plane tickets and fancier clothes — and ignoring the patio furniture and soft pants that we splurged on in 2020. Consumer… Read More »