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Artemis 1 to James Webb Space telescope pics: The biggest moments in space exploration in 2022

2022 was no doubt a momentous year for humanity’s achievements in space exploration. The most significant was Nasa’s Artemis 1, which marks the first steps on a long road to take humans back to the moon almost 50 years after Apollo 17, the last crewed mission. This year also saw the state-of-the-art James Webb Space… Read More »

Fact Check-Widely-viewed picture is a computer-generated illustration of Antarctica as it appears from space

Social media users are sharing an image of what appears to be a large polar ice cap and claiming it shows Antarctica as seen from space. A version with over 130,000 likes is viewable (here) and other versions are viewable (here) and (here). The image has prompted fellow users on social media to suggest the… Read More »

NASA to showcase Webb space telescope’s first full-color images

Drawing back the curtain to a photo gallery unlike any other, NASA will soon present the first full-color images from its James Webb Space Telescope, a revolutionary apparatus designed to peer through the cosmos to the dawn of the universe. The highly anticipated unveiling this week of pictures and spectroscopic data from the newly operational… Read More »

NuKind Digital Disrupts The Online Marketing Space With Their “Omnichannel Marketing Strategies”.

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, August 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — NuKind Digital is fast becoming one of the most sought-after providers of online marketing solutions to brands, especially small and medium-sized businesses in and around Melbourne as well as other parts of Australia. In a related development, the company has become increasingly popular in recent times, with… Read More »

Dell XPS Desktop 8940 Special Edition review: A whole lot of computer in a small space

Josh Goldman/CNET The Dell XPS Desktop 8940 is a great little desktop for a laptop person like myself. Like Dell’s premium XPS laptops, the XPS Desktop is attractive and small — perfect for tight spaces. Unlike the laptops, though, there are plenty of opportunities for upgrades to help you deal with changing needs.  Like Compact but… Read More »