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It’s US vs. China in race to build chip technology of tomorrow

President Joe Biden has proposed that the US invest $50 billion in semiconductor manufacturing and research.(Doug Mills/Getty Images) Even as the world’s leading chipmakers scramble to solve critical supply bottlenecks, a new wave of semiconductor startups has been quietly lining up massive sums of venture capital in their quest to design the next generation of… Read More »

Inside America’s Race to Scale Carbon-Capture Technology

The prototype of the device meant to stave off climate devastation looks like a shipping container wrapped in vibrant green Venetian blinds. Fans atop this shell are designed to draw air into the device, where a honeycomblike structure full of proprietary chemicals extracts carbon dioxide from the air, removing an ever-so-slight bit of planet-warming gas… Read More »

Review: Prime Race Computer Mount

The Prime Race Computer Mount is a relatively cost-effective, good-looking alloy out-front mount that works perfectly well, comes in two lengths and, erm… yeah, that’s it, really. Which is great! As a seasoned Garmin user (I’ve owned or tested a 510, 520, 520 Plus and 820), one of my bugbears is the mount Garmin usually… Read More »