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“Bat-Sense” Technology for Smartphones Generates Images From Sound

Credit: University of Glasgow Scientists have found a way to equip everyday objects like smartphones and laptops with a bat-like sense of their surroundings. At the heart of the technique is a sophisticated machine-learning algorithm that uses reflected echoes to generate images, similar to the way bats navigate and hunt using echolocation. The algorithm measures… Read More »

A computer model made from real images of soccer matches that shows the strategies used by each team

Defining the range of interaction distances. For this visualization, we use the game recorded in DS1 . (a) Players’ positions at t≈20. The heat map in the background shows the explored zones for the player highlighted with a star. (b) Average position of the players from the center of mass frame of reference. Parameter δ… Read More »

NASA to showcase Webb space telescope’s first full-color images

Drawing back the curtain to a photo gallery unlike any other, NASA will soon present the first full-color images from its James Webb Space Telescope, a revolutionary apparatus designed to peer through the cosmos to the dawn of the universe. The highly anticipated unveiling this week of pictures and spectroscopic data from the newly operational… Read More »