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Google is updating some of its best Android apps just in time for summer

Source: Google Google has also announced that it’s rolling out end-to-end encryption in Google Messages. The post has been updated to reflect the new information. What you need to know Google is launching several new features for Android devices this summer. Google Messages is getting starred messages, Android Auto gets more customization options, and Google… Read More »

Google will soon enforce the use of two-step verification for Google accounts

Two-factor authentication, or as Google calls it two-step verification, is a popular security feature that adds another layer of security to the authentication process. Users who have configured two-factor authentication use a secondary authentication option, such as a code that is sent via SMS to a linked mobile device or an authentication app, to sign-in… Read More »

Google using tech to read your doctor’s handwritten prescriptions

Ever get a note from a doctor that is essentially illegible?  Google is working on an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning model that can identify and even highlight medicines on handwritten prescriptions from physicians. Google Research India said in a Monday release that the system will act as an assistive technology for digitizing handwritten… Read More »

Google Chrome introduces passwordless authentication. Here’s how it works

Google Chrome has announced that it will soon be introducing passwordless login. The popular browser will now use biometric sensors such as a fingerprint or facial recognition, PIN, or pattern for authentication purposes.  If you are someone who finds it difficult to remember passwords, and so you end up using the same one for every single… Read More »