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As Digital Marketers Struggle To Safeguard Their Brands, Another Ad-Tech Firm Plans Its IPO

A number of ad-tech companies have gone public or have filed for IPOs this year. Getty Amid all the uncertainty in digital advertising, another ad-tech company is planning to go public. The digital advertising verification company Integral Ad Science has filed regulatory paperwork for its initial public offering, making it the latest in a string… Read More »

Online Marketing For Your Law Firm

Everything you’ve heard about SEO and link building is accurate. The good, the bad, and the worst. Yes, link building is one of the most critical factors for your firm’s SEO. And yes, your link-building efforts can get your website penalized. Or even de-indexed. The difference lies in the strategies that you use. Black hat… Read More »

Tech firm develops shoes that let you walk at the pace of a run | Science & Tech News

A robotics company claims to have made the world’s “fastest shoes” which can make you walk three times faster. Known as Moonwalkers, they look like futuristic roller skates but don’t require the wearer to balance any more than they would walking normally. Once they are strapped to your feet, tiny electric motors power eight wheels… Read More »

Multi-Location Law Firm Marketing – Above the LawAbove the Law

Many law firms have multiple locations. How should multi-location law firms handle websites and marketing? Marketing strategies for multi-location law firms are varied and may require more planning and management than marketing for one location. A multiple-location firm may choose to host multiple websites or just one website incorporating multiple links. A multi-location law firm… Read More »

9 Steps to a Successful Law Firm Website Marketing Strategy | Good2bSocial

[Author: Noreen Fishman] Many people confuse digital marketing with web marketing. Digital marketing is the science of promoting services using digital channels such as search engines, social media, websites, apps, etc. Law firm web marketing falls under the umbrella of digital marketing: it’s the strategic promotion of your firm’s website to increase its visibility and… Read More »