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Misconfiguration of third party mobile apps exposes the data of 100 million users

Check Point Research backend code. Credit: Check Point Research Despite the obvious benefits of contemporary cloud-based, mobile application development solutions—such as cloud storage, notification management, real-time databases, and analytics—many developers of these solutions fail to properly take into account the potential security risks involved when these apps are misconfigured. Most recently, Check Point Research has… Read More »

Computer vision in AI: The data needed to succeed

Developing the capacity to annotate massive volumes of data while maintaining quality is a function of the model development lifecycle that enterprises often underestimate. It’s resource intensive and requires specialized expertise. At the heart of any successful machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI) initiative is a commitment to high-quality training data and a pathway to quality data… Read More »

How To Make Data Privacy Changes Work For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Data Privacy AdobeStock_313089358 The death of the internet cookie has been a long-talked-about inevitability. While Google said earlier this year that it will delay a plan to phase out third-party cookies on its Chrome browser until 2024, the changes will come eventually. The move, which will upend how ads are targeted on websites, has many… Read More »

‘Police Cannot Touch the Data on Your Computer Without Your Consent’

Mumbai: On October 31, 2022, the Delhi police raided the New Delhi and Mumbai homes of The Wire’s founding editors Siddharth Varadarajan, M.K. Venu, Sidharth Bhatia, deputy editor Jahnavi Sen and business head Mithun Kidambi, taking away phones, computers and iPads.   The raids were in connection with a case of alleged defamation, forgery and cheating… Read More »

Hackers can turn computer cables into antenna to steal sensitive data

Computers are sometimes kept disconnected from the internet, or “air gapped”, to avoid remote hackers gaining access to steal data, but now there is a way to use a hard drive cable to transmit information via radio waves Technology 26 July 2022 By Matthew Sparkes SATA cables are found in most computers Shutterstock/Nor Gal Hackers… Read More »