Outsmart Winter With These 5 Gadgets

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Love it or hate it, winter has arrived and it’s a whole lot less pleasant to spend time in the great outdoors. Whether you’re attending an outside party, a football game, or just want to enjoy your back patio, here are some great products for making the frigid weather more bearable.

ACELETIQS Portable Heating Pad | $61 | Amazon

If you’ve ever sat and watched football on a cold metal bench, then you know why this portable heating pad is a game changer. Currently 49% off, this is a great deal on a much-improved sitting experience.

VOLTASK Electronic Snow Shovel | $130 | Amazon

Make clearing your sidewalks easier with the electronic snow shovel that doubles as a blower. It’s cordless and features a 20V motor that can throw snow up to 20 feet. Another reason to buy? It’s currently 24% off.

MUSICOZY Bluetooth Ear Muffs | $25 | Amazon

Keep your ears warm while playing music from your phone. These ear muffs double as headphones so you don’t have to sacrifice warmth for tunes.

Amazon Propane Patio Heater | $135 | Amazon

This propane heater makes outdoor gatherings possible while the weather is frightful. Get restaurant-quality patio heating at home.

Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles | $67 | Amazon

Make cold feet a thing of the past with these heated insoles. They feature a rechargeable battery so they’re always ready to keep your toes toasty when you need them.