My New Favorite Kitchen Gadget Ninja Foodi Review

By | August 27, 2023

Scouting Report: The Ninja Foodi can grill, air fry, roast, bake and dehydrate, making it at an-home chef’s dream

I live in a one bedroom apartment, and I’m not allowed to have a grill outside on my balcony space. It makes sense, of course, but my husband and I eat quite a bit of protein, and we really wanted to be able to grill our own meat without the hassle of cooking it on the stove top and constantly setting off our fire alarm. On top of that, it was beginning to feel like I was the only person in my friend group without an ever-trendy air fryer. To my surprise, the Ninja Foodi not only grills and air fries, it also bakes, roasts and dehydrates and I can do it all in my apartment-sized kitchen.

My husband and I were a bit hesitant to buy a hefty new kitchen gadget, but the Ninja Foodi has a ton of five-star reviews on Amazon, and it has lived up to the hype for sure. We’ve grilled chicken breast, chicken thighs, salmon and steak and they’ve all turned out delicious, without any grease splatter or smoke. The regular size Foodi is perfect for the two of us, but if you’re cooking for a family, they have an extra large Foodi that is twice the size. It also comes with an attached thermometer, and the grill turns off automatically once your meat is at the correct temperature. This gives me ease of mind as I go about my business while our meat cooks, instead of going to and from the kitchen to constantly check in. The Foodi is also able to cook meat from frozen, which lets me off the hook if I forget to defrost the chicken the night before we want to eat it. The air fryer is equally amazing, it heats up so quickly and air fries most things in under 30 minutes. Our favorite has been air fried cauliflower gnocchi, and we’re dying to try some at-home french fries! The Foodi comes with a recipe book that includes charts with cook times and temperatures for the grill, as well as air fry and dehydrate settings, which has given us lots of ideas for what we want to try next. Mozzarella sticks, anyone?

Best of all, while sometimes kitchen gadgets like these can be a pain to clean, the Ninja Foodi clean-up is a breeze. We just toss the grill grate and grease splatter tray in the dishwasher—that’s it. The grill itself is a bit large for our limited counter space, but it’s well worth taking out to use and we use ours about twice a week. The mix of easy clean-up and no hassle grilling and air frying makes this a winner, for sure.

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