Keeping Websites Up to Speed: CLDY Pushes Speed and Performance with C.3 Gen Hosting Technology

By | November 7, 2023
CLDY Hosting

CLDY Hosting

Fueling the Need for Speed: CLDY Implements C3.Gen Technology to Improve Overall Website Speed and Performance.

CLDY allows our clients to increase average time on page, reduce bounce rates, and convert more visitors to customers”

— Alvin Poh

SG, NORTH EAST, SINGAPORE, December 26, 2022 / — CLDY, Singapore’s fast-growing web and cloud solutions provider, introduces C.3 Gen Technology to help business owners boost their overall site speed and performance. C.3 Gen Technology is a step up from regular hosting platforms, furthering CLDY’s mission to develop accessible web hosting solutions for growing businesses.

Recognising the need for speed online, CLDY ensures up to 500% faster website performance with C.3 Gen, the proprietary technology powering their hosting solutions.

“The internet is all about convenience. Users want to retrieve information as quickly and efficiently as possible. So it’s not enough to put out a website, add all the aesthetics, and call it a day. You actually need a fast and responsive website, which is what C.3 Gen does for our clients’ websites” said Alvin Poh, Chairman of CLDY. “CLDY allows our clients to increase average time on page, reduce bounce rates, and convert more visitors to customers.”

Page speed by the numbers

Speed is an integral part of any online strategy. Running a slow-loading site becomes an instant buzzkill for businesses, particularly ecommerce websites.

According to website monitoring tool Pingdom, sites that load in one second have a 7% bounce rate. For every second added to a website’s load time, businesses drive away potential conversions. Websites that load in five seconds, for example, experience a whopping 38% bounce rate on average.

The search engine factor

On-page conversions are only one end of the spectrum impacted by website speed.

Search engines like Google have long emphasised the importance of fast-loading websites. In fact, Google named speed as a major ranking factor for mobile search in 2018.

Reinforcing their goal to provide a better user experience, Google also implemented the Core Web Vitals update in 2021. This major algorithm update signals websites to load and deliver content faster to satisfy the needs of their users.

CLDY offers cutting-edge C3.Gen Technology to Speed Up Sites

There are many factors that impact page speed, including file sizes, coding standards, and plugins. But websites often take the brunt when they partner with an unreliable web host or opt for feeble servers.

CLDY looks to resolve that by powering their hosting solutions with C.3 Gen technology.

Built for speed: CLDY guarantees between 30% to 500% faster website load time on any device.

Guaranteed uptime: Combining C.3 Gen’s Active Optimisation Prioritisation technology and enterprise-grade hardware, websites are able to run at peak performance even at a multi-tenant server.

Enhanced security. Get an extra line of defence against cybercriminals. Apart from industry-grade firewall and 24/7 backup, CLDY protects clients with smart traffic filtering and AI-driven shielding technology.

“CLDY wants to shape the way we run websites by providing a more streamlined hosting experience backed by an adaptive infrastructure,” Alvin Poh adds. “We already have a comprehensive end-to-end cloud hosting portfolio, but we’re also adding hosting consulting services to our pipeline as well”.

About CLDY

CLDY is Singapore’s fastest growing cloud hosting company, with a focus on providing innovative and advanced web hosting, email hosting, and cloud hosting products for its clients globally. CLDY is the official Web Host for Singapore’s National Day Parade 2022, and as of 2022, serves more than 8,000 businesses worldwide.

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