How to permanently delete files from external hard drive?

Roben Walker

Summary: The importance of permanently erasing data in your external hard drive cannot be overstated. This blog shed’s light on BitRaser File Eraser, a failsafe and secure tool designed to destroy the contents from hard drive and other storage device while maintaining privacy.

The external hard drive is a great place to store all of your personal, professional and sensitive information. Not only does it provide you with tons of space but also allows easy access from anywhere! Well if for some reason the data stored on it needs be erased forever or until needed again then here’s how:

Reasons to wipe your hard drive files

  1. Data Privacy:When you decide to get rid of your old storage media, make sure it’s fully erased before discarding. If the erase process is not completed then any data contained within may be recoverable by someone else who finds it in their possession or through specialized data recovery software that can read the data.
  2. Virus Corruption:A virus or malware attack can corrupt your data in the form of a hard drive error. If you want to get rid of this problem, it’s important that we wipe clean all locally stored information on our computer so nothing remains behind!

Methods to wipe files from external hard disk

Below, we will discuss the different methods to wipe the files permanently from an external hard drive.

  1. Delete files using PC settings

Connect external hard drive to your Computer or Laptop and then erase all e files in it one by one. The File Explorer feature of Windows allows you to do this too! All that’s needed is right click on selected file(s) within, select “Delete” from menu options which will prompt confirmation before deleting. 

Alternatively, you can format your external hard drive. All you need to do is to select the external hard drive, right click on hard drive from your PC’s interface and click on Format.

  1. Delete files using CMD

You can also use command prompt for deletingfiles. Follow the steps given below:

1 .Press Windows+RKey to open the Run command

2. Enter CMD and press Enter

3. Type diskpart and press Enter

4. Type list disk

5. select disk #(make the selection of external hard drive)

6. Type clean all to delete all files from the selected disk

  1. Permanently erase files with File Erasure Software

Deleting your files using the system settings on PC or Mac won’t delete them. The data recovery software can easily trace and recover these deleted items, so be careful!

To delete files, it is necessary to use a file erasure software. The overwriting function of this tool makes sure that whenever you wish for any one or multiple files on your computer’s hard drive–the data will be destroyed and inaccessible by other means than through recovery methods which only an efficient program could accomplish in such way.

BitRaser File Eraser to permanently erase your filesfrom external hard drives

BitRaser File Eraser is a must-have software for anyone who wants to secure their data and make sure it will never fall into the wrong hands. With this software, you can easily erase all contents of your external hard drive ensuring that no trace remains behind after deletion which ensures complete security against potential hackers or computer thieves!

Following are the key features of the BitRaser for File Software

1) Erase all types of files including app traces, Internet histories, cookies and deleted data.

2) Easy to use a DIY tool

3) Compliant with 17 International data erasure standards

4) Single click interface

How to use BitRaser File Eraser

  1. Install and launch the software
  2. Select Erase File & Folder from the left side.
  3. Click on “Add Items” and select the folder location.
  4. Select the files and folders you want to erase and click on Erase Now button.
  5. Confirm the Erasure process.
  6. The software will erase the specified file.


Internal hard drives can store all your important data but they are not always enough. An external drive holds the key to accessing everything you need when it’s time for an emergency or if there is a disaster. Our confidential data is stored in these external hard drive. In this we have discuss the importance of permanently wiping the files from external hard drive. BitRaser File eraser is the recommended data wiping software to erase files permanently from your PC, Laptop or external hard drives.

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