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By | December 22, 2023

The assumption was perfect – August 15, 2021, India’s 75th Independence Day, a homemade start-up that promises to superimpose India’s electric vehicle revolution with a reservation of Rs 1,947 – not by chance That year, the true nod country achieved independence. As far as entry is concerned, Bangalore-based EV startup Simple Energy seemed to be in perfect timing. again, Highlights from the announcement Made for eye-catching headlines – the best range of e-scooters, the largest battery of e-scooters, the fastest accelerating e-scooters. All of this at a price of Rs 1,09,999.

But while the story of a product built from scratch that improves all visitors can be immeasurable, a series of errors from Simple Energy give potential buyers confidence in their startups. There is a risk of damage.

The mystery of specification changes

It’s clear from the beginning that Simple Energy is leveraging the attention-grabbing value of the first scooter named SimpleOne to attract buyers. According to Simple, performance is one of One’s key focus areas, and electric scooters provide the acceleration to overtake competitors.In the tweet published in July 9Suhas Rajkumar, Founder and CEO of Simple Energy, mentioned 3.2 seconds. On the surface, this refers to SimpleOne’s 0-40kph acceleration time, which was faster than the Ather450X.

Shortly before the announcement of One, the Simple Energy website was updated with a significant improvement in 0-40 km / h time to 3.05 seconds. This is also a diagram provided to journalists who attended the presentation of the printed pamphlet. But in the showcase itself, Rajkumar said the Simple One accelerates in just 2.95 seconds.

The one-tenth second difference may seem negligible, but in this case there is a difference. Just hours before Simple One was announced, Ora announces S1 professional electric scooterClaims an acceleration time of 0-40kph, flat for 3 seconds. Simple One’s 2.95 second claim makes it possible to take the title of the fastest accelerating scooter sold in India.The simple website was quickly updated to reflect the new numbers after the announcement from “Recent Data,” Rajkumar said. Tech2..

The peak output of the Simple One motor was rated at 7kW before and for some time after its launch.Image: Simple energy

The peak output of the Simple One motor was rated at 7kW before and for some time after its launch.Image: Simple energy

Next, there is the issue of output. Prior to the announcement of One (and for some time thereafter), Simple’s website mentioned that the peak motor output of the e-scooter was rated at 7kW. However, at the announcement event, Rajkumar said the SimpleOne had a significantly higher peak motor output of 8.5kW. From a point of view, the Ola S1 just hours before the One was announced also made its debut with a peak motor output of 8.5kW.Talk to Tech2, Rajkumar has turned this anomaly into a “typo” by a “third party”.

Other anomalies include the size of the rear disc brakes (which was described as a 190 mm unit at the time of the announcement, but was later modified to 180 mm, the same size as the Ola S1) and the announcement of the One with the “best in”. Included Rajkumar’s claim at the time. The Ola S1’s 36-liter storage bay is larger than the One’s 30-liter space, so it’s not really correct.

SimpleOne display VIN and registration belongs to Ather450X.Image: Overdrive

The Simple One display VIN and registration belongs to the Ather 450X sold earlier this year.Image: Overdrive

Identity crisis

Exhibited on August 15th, SimpleOne was a prototype in the prototype stage, running only a preview version of the software that the buyer would see on the finished model. However, the 7.0-inch screen of the showcase scooter displayed the vehicle identification number (VIN) and registration number of the Ather 450X, which was sold and registered earlier this year. Rajkumar also attributed this to a “technical glitch.” This is a mistake that doesn’t need to be reviewed. However, as seen in multiple walkaround videos on the scooter, this error did not seem to be resolved immediately.

Sentence change

Wang’s announcement showed the journalists in attendance that the scooter delivery would begin by October or November. However, the Simple Energy production facility in Hosur – Tweet Early August – Not ready, good until operational. Rajkumar says Simple is now aiming to start production towards the end of the year. This means that those who pre-book the scooter can only expect delivery in early 2022.

Hosur's Simple Energy production facility is still some time away from operation. Image: Suhas Rajkumar via Twitter

Simple Energy’s two-square-foot production facility in Hosur will still take some time to go live. Image: Suhas Rajkumar via twitter

The scooter itself does not seem to be fully prepared yet. Simple says it’s the finishing touch to One, Tech2 From the journalists who attended, I learned that the scooter encountered a technical problem at the start of the media ride the day after the announcement. The invited media were asked not to submit a review of the prototype model or compare it to existing electric scooters. So the media didn’t submit the first ride review, even though they have a One and a go-kart track. Experience work.

Rajkumar assured the customer that the scooter had cruise control, but now says what One has

Rajkumar has assured customers on Twitter that the scooter has cruise control, but says that what One now has is a cruise control system that is “inaccurate.”

Ora Electric has introduced cruise control on the S1 Pro Electric Scooter. There is certainly no need for a two-wheeled vehicle, but buyers want to know if Simple, which claims to be equal to or better than Ora in most respects, has it. , that too. Many are excited to learn that Simple One has cruise control. This is also what Rajkumar has confirmed earlier. twitter We will respond to inquiries from customers. But Rajkumar now believes that One has “inaccurate” cruise control and customers don’t use it much, so they’re even confident that the finished product will offer something similar. there is not.

“It’s not exactly cruise control. It’s a mix of things, it’s not really a highlight point for us. It’s just a feature. It’s not our selling point. Customers. I don’t want to use it. I can’t tell if it’s there because I’m working on an OTA update. I don’t know if we’re involved in it, but we’re working on it. You need to talk to your team, “says Rajkumar when faced with the topic of cruise control availability on One.

Tweet, delete, repeat

Rajkumar has been very active on social networking platforms twitter For the announcement of Simple One, he provided information about his company’s virgin products and threw a thin veiled jab in the competition. This means that anyone interested in Simple One is paying attention to his updates, but a thorough scrutiny leaves no room for error. Rajkumar promised to announce late August 18th, but then rescheduled at 6pm on August 19th and deleted the first tweet. Many people recognized that the second tweet was the date of a full-fledged and detailed release announcement, but in reality it was only revealed and Rajkumar would later delete the tweet as well. It was decided.

Rajkumar has removed tweets related to the announcement of Simple One details, creating uncertainty in the minds of potential buyers.

Rajkumar has removed tweets related to the announcement of Simple One details (including the two shown here), creating uncertainty in the minds of potential buyers.

As promised, Rajkumar shared a tweet post at 6 pm on August 19th, mentioning the announcement of “mid-September” with important details for SimpleOne. This tweet was also deleted afterwards.

NS Tweet It was intended to answer buyers’ questions about Simple One’s battery and vehicle warranty, and was backed by several followers. Simple offers a 3-year vehicle and battery warranty on One. This is the same as what Ather Energy offers on the 450X, well below the 8-year battery warranty that Revolt Motors offers on RV400 electric bikes.

Rahul Prasadh, who lives in Bangalore, was one of many enthusiasts who was fascinated by Simple One. As a motorcyclist, Prasad wanted to switch to an electric motorcycle himself. Impressed by the specs, I asked my spouse and siblings to book a simple e-scooter. After the company statement was constantly changing, I mailed it to the company requesting cancellation of the order and a full refund of the booked amount.

“I really want to support an Indian company, but I was frustrated by the tweet mismatch. [Rajkumar] I said everything is on the website, but the website has only the most basic details. Why do customers have to ask questions about their products? Shouldn’t you have a pamphlet with all the details and specifications on your website? The words he chose aren’t going down well. All of this has a negative view of the customer’s mind, “says Prasad.

According to Simple Energy, SimpleOne has already collected over 30,000 pre-orders.Image: Simple energy

Prasad, who recently broke up with Mahindra Mojo, wants to get the Ora S1 and is not bound by the idea of ​​revisiting Simple One. However, he says he wants to take a little more time to see how. Things pan out for simple energy.

“You can buy Simple, but it will take a little longer. Wait, see, see the first customer’s observations, and maybe get it by June next year. It looks like Impressive, but the communication part is quite late. Some people even say it looks like another Freedom 251 scam. This is very bad and for the new company It shouldn’t happen, “he adds.

The potential for electric scooters like the Simple One cannot be ruled out, but given the harsh realities of the earth, the targeted production start at this stage seems ambitious. As they proceed with their plans, Large Kumar and his team need to be tidied up to prevent communication failures. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing potential customer swath to motorcycle brands that are considered more reliable and reliable.

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