Developing E-commerce Skills with Online Marketing Expert Sean Raymond

Roben Walker

One thing is certain: The Internet will stay with us for a very long time. It is no longer this fad for computer nerds either… but rather become an essential & integrated part of everyday life. In fact, i just so happens to be the single most outstanding business innovation ever. 

Sitting amongst the top of the list of innovations… is marketing. Marketing is the oxygen for any business. You won’t last long without a good marketing strategy, plain and simple.

There are numerous examples of massive businesses that have failed to adapt to the ever-changing digital environment: When there’s Amazon, who needs a Radio Shack?

All organizations that want to endure need to adapt…. the most skillful will make a fortune in the process. One such business helping other businesses thrive in the digital environment is Goodlife Agency- a cutting-edge ecommerce consultation & marketing organization designed for the strategic development & growth of online businesses. Founded by market expert Sean Raymond, the company boasts one of the most impressive portfolios we’ve seen to date. 

How to Increase Brand Awareness

Your online presence resembles an imaginary city in the middle of a desert. If you can provide incentives for people to value it and visit your site over and over again, then whatever you post on it will skyrocket in value. 

Sean put it perfectly: “Emotions drive behavior… they move the whole world. People are not merely interested in the objective characteristics of your goods, but they are interested in knowing if a product fits their personality. This is why Goodlife Agency’s marketing is so effective. We strive to capture the essence of each client’s brand and translate it into understandable motivation for the audience; in other words, we take our client’s proven branding, and develop a deep emotional connection between their brands and audiences. When scaling to multiple 7-figures, the customer should become the essence of everything you do.”

Ensure Multiple Sources of Income

What would you do if your boss fired you one day? How would you pay bills, feed your family, or save up for a house without a paycheck? When you have multiple sources of income, losing one would stink, but it won’t have a devastating impact on your life.

Again, Sean put it better: “It is always best to multiply revenue streams. Every 7 Figure brand has sales coming in from more than one stream (which can include organic sales, paid ads, SMS & e-mail, influencer marketing, social media, Google ads, etc.) to diversify business and spread risks. E help our clients manage these streams through ecommerce consulting, while simultaneously scaling paid ads. Paid ads are without a doubt the single best possible way to scale a brand doing anywhere from $10k-$50k per month to $150-$300k per month. If you’re not using paid ads to scale, and multiplying revenue streams online, you’re doing it wrong”.

Stay Committed

Life has not always been so overwhelming. Some of you, perhaps with a note of sadness, recall the 50s when one breadwinner was enough for a family, and an employed person could be sure of his place until retirement. But as time passed, Pandora’s box opened and two great troublemakers were set free: global competition and the Internet. We live in a different world now. You need to adapt to it.

Sean, perhaps the greatest example of mastering such an adaptive skill, is dedicated to action, constant and iterative learning, tenacity, and commitment to his goals. He says, “You only fail when you stop trying. Simply never quit, and you will succeed”, Sean tells us. Later he added another gem, “No amount of thinking or planning will ever outperform an action.”

Now, if you run an online business, you can start your trip to niche dominance by scheduling a free Discovery Call to talk to Sea 1-on-1, to see how Goodlife Agency can be of value to your business.


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