Computer screen thriller ‘Profile’ makes online connection

By | November 19, 2023

A journalist is caught up in an undercover operation that becomes an online seduction in “Profile,” an intriguing, well-handled thriller that unfolds entirely on the computer screen of the protagonist. 

Computer screen films have become their own mini-genre, 2018’s “Searching” being the most well-executed of the bunch. After a pandemic year where we’ve all gotten way more used to staring at computer screens, the field of computer movies may be primed to explode. At least “Profile” uses Skype and not Zoom.  

Valene Kane in "Profile."

Valene Kane plays Amy Whittaker, a journalist in London investigating ISIS’ recruitment of young women, particularly from Europe. She intends to make herself bait, essentially, by going online and finding someone to bring her into the fold. It’s not long after she creates a fake Facebook profile and begins liking and reposting a series of ISIS-supporting videos that she is contacted by Bilel (Shazad Latif), and thus the grooming begins.