Capture device turns any camera into a webcam

Roben Walker
The Genki ShadowCast capture and streaming device.

As someone who remembers bulky VHS camcorders, devices like the Genki ShadowCast remind me of just how far we’ve come as human beings.

I mean, yeah, we continue to get bogged down by things like territorial fights and political disputes just like our ancestors. But those guys could only dream of streaming Super Smash Bros. on a laptop. Heck, I just saw a billionaire fly to space in a private spacecraft this morning.

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Which brings us to this little dongle that can from Genki. The Shadowcast is the latest in a line of portable gadget solutions for the Nintendo Switch, which includes the Genki Covert Dock and Genki Audio Bluetooth Adapter. This particular gadget is quite the multitasker to boot, serving up video capture, streaming and even the ability to turn pretty much almost any camera into a webcam. Just how well does it do all these things? Let’s take a closer look.

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