Apple iMac 2021 fits for work, play at home with M1 chip, chin, colors

By | November 28, 2023

Those colorful new iMacs are officially available.

Some dismissed Apple’s pastel color options, and others didn’t like the “chin,” the horizontal area below the display where the Apple icon usually resides. But few have questioned the new iMacs’ functionality.

Each comes equipped with the new Apple-designed M1 chip, versions of which already power some MacBooks and is similar to chips in some of the latest iPhones. The new chip, Apple boasts, makes the new iMacs perform up to twice as fast as previous 21.5-inch iMacs.

Sales of Macs have already been on historic highs as consumers snapped them up for working, studying and entertaining themselves at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Apple's new iMac computers have a 24-inch 4.5K Retina display, start at $1,299 with 256 GB of storage and are available in blue, green, pink and silver finishes. Models with a more powerful 8-core graphics processing chip start at $1,499 (with 256GB SSD) and $1,699 (512GB), with additional finishes available in yellow, orange and purple.

iMac details: Apple has a hit on its hands

Consumers evidently have the bug for these new iMacs, too. Preorders began in April, with deliveries beginning to arrive Friday, Apple says. But if you haven’t ordered yet, on I see delivery dates beginning June 23 for a 512GB model and July 1 for a 1 TB model.

The new iMacs have a 24-inch Retina display capable of 4.5K video – that’s better than 4K – and they start at $1,299 with 256 GB of storage. They are available in blue, green, pink and silver finishes. Models with a more powerful 8-core graphics processing chip (the others have a 7-core GPU) start at $1,499 (with 256GB SSD).

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait to put one of Apple’s new computers through the paces. The model Apple sent for me to check out retails at $1,699 with a 512GB solid-state drive and is purple-hued, one of the additional color finishes, along with yellow and orange, at the slightly higher price.

iMac review: I’ll take it on the chin

Sure, these iMacs may not arrive in all my favorite colors. But the pastel choices didn’t bother me, and hey, you can always opt for the plain silver finish.

And as for the iMac’s chin, the look works for me because it houses a beefed-up sound system with six speakers, compared with stereo speakers on the most recent 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMacs.