Apple CEO Tim Cook teases imminent launch of new iPads

Apple is expected to launch a new iPad Pro later today. Ahead of the secretive launch, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been hinting at the new product on Twitter, and in typical Apple fashion, the Apple Store has now gone down, something that only happens when a new launch is being added to the portfolio.

“Be right back. We’re making updates to the Apple Store. Check back soon,” the site currently says. By the time it is back up, the new iPad Pro may already have been added to its shelves.

The new Apple iPad Pro is expected to improve on its last-gen predecessors with more powerful hardware and is still expected to launch in two size variants – a 11-inch one and a larger 12.9-inch one.

The biggest change is expected to be Apple’s new in-house M2 chip powering the tablet instead of the M1 chip. Although we wouldn’t rule out any other changes.

Apple could also launch a few more products along with the new iPad Pro, like a 10th Gen iPad or a new Apple Pencil, although there has not been any confirmation on this for now.

Apple still hasn’t revealed when exactly the new products will launch, so putting a pin on when we see the new iPad and when the Apple Store is back up is difficult for now. However, with the store down, it shouldn’t take too long and we should have some official updates soon.

Update: Apple has announced two new iPads: the iPad Pro with M2 chipset and the new iPad 10th gen.