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By | December 13, 2023

PractiPro provides attractive, user-friendly and most importantly, “smart” websites to medical professionals, with optional SEO services and marketing coaching. When combined with the MyHealth1st healthcare-focused digital marketing, patient engagement and online appointment booking platform, this partnership elevates the online presence and capability of a healthcare business to a whole new level, driving growth and efficiencies for practices across Australia and New Zealand.

To begin with, the two companies have integrated their services to seamlessly embed booking buttons directly into healthcare provider websites, creating a fluid and intuitive experience for patients. The appointments booked through the embedded buttons are entered into the medical professional’s practice management software or a standalone diary, creating a hassle-free booking process.

It may sound simple enough, but the smarts lie in how these buttons are positioned, how they operate on mobile devices and how the other website content is designed and shaped to drive maximum engagement. Years of combined experience has led to an approach that will ensure your patient gets the fastest and smoothest experience possible.

This ease of booking an appointment, combined with world-class SEO services and marketing coaching from PractiPro, helps providers and patients connect smoothly and with little effort – a critical criterion for successful online engagement.

“We’ve long felt that online appointment booking is a critical component of new and existing patient conversion on websites,” said PractiPro Founder and CEO, Jeff Gladnick.

“Consumer sentiments are shifting, and the data is clear that both younger and older consumers favour the convenience of booking their own appointments online, 24/7. It makes complete sense to give people that option.”

And according to Gladnick, this is only the beginning for the two companies.

“We have some big ideas about further integration of our two product sets and the huge impact this can make for professionally centred healthcare businesses.”

PractiPro and MyHealth1st were both searching for an ideal partnership when they found one another and decided that their services, products and ethics worked well together.

With the partnership between PractiPro and MyHealth1st, healthcare professionals now have access to the perfect partnership that delivers easy, affordable and fully integrated smart solutions that drive patient growth and retention for your practice,” said Managing Director and Co-Founder of MyHealth1st, Klaus Bartosch.

For more information on the services PractiPro and MyHealth1st offer or to contact either company, visit practipro.com.au or myhealth1st.com.au.

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