A Guide on the August WI-FI Smart Lock

Roben Walker

Security is one of the first things a person considers before building themselves a new home. It significantly impacts a few different aspects of your life, including comfort and the protection of your property. Ensuring a safe home can be an extensive process, but one thing which may help simplify it is compartmentalizing and prioritizing different areas of your home depending on the role they play.

A good example of this is the entrances to your home. The front door in particular is responsible for all your major outdoor interactions. If this area is vulnerable to threats, you may end up feeling a lot more exposed in your own living space. To ensure the safety of your belongings, you must focus on strengthening security here and creating a more secure way to deal with anyone or anything outside your home.

One particular gadget which can help you do this is a smart lock. It is a must-have for any smart security system. If you’re looking for a particular lock to fulfill your home’s security needs, the August Lock 4th Gen is a great addition to any home, and the following are a few reasons why.

Better Control over Access

This is one of the most useful smart gadgets you could add to your home since its function supports something every single home has: a front door. One of the most foolproof ways of keeping your home safe is gaining complete control over who has access to it. Once you have full authority over who enters and leaves your home, everything else becomes fairly easier to manage.

Using the August Smart Lock, you choose when and by whom your door is locked/unlocked. Whether or not you want to continue using your keys is your choice; the gadget attaches to your existing lock for maximum convenience, resulting in hassle-free installation. There is no additional bridge required to connect to Wi-Fi, which means basic installation will give you complete remote access. To make things even easier, you can even access this lock using voice control using various voice assistants, including Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

No More Keys

The best front door is one that you can lock and unlock from anywhere. With this feature, the August Lock eliminates your need for keys. Having physical keys which provide access to your home is risky for a number of reasons. Keys can be misplaced, and get lost or stolen easily. If a key to your home falls into the wrong hands, anyone would be able to get inside discreetly. Hiding a spare key outside your home can also be dangerous since there is a chance you may get spotted by an intruder.

With the August Smart Lock, you can send virtual keys to the people you trust using the August app. The Auto-Lock and Unlock features can also detect when the door opens and closes and operates accordingly so you never forget to lock your door. Once you no longer rely on keys, operating your front door lock will become much easier.

Activity Feed

If you want surveillance in your home to be thorough, this lock is the perfect gadget for you. It will tell you the specific time when family and friends enter and leave your home, so you’re always informed of the status of your front door. The August app shows you everything you may need to know regarding your lock. The Activity Feed is the perfect way to keep track of whatever’s happening at your front door, which provides you with the most effective home security.

Paired with other security gadgets, this system can make you feel a lot more comfortable in your living space. A smart speaker, video doorbell, or security camera would all be great additions to your home security system, and work quite well in collaboration with your smart lock. As long as you’ve checked compatibility at the time of purchase, the August Smart Lock should function perfectly with your existing smart gadgets. Once you no longer have to worry about the front door, you can focus your attention on other parts of your home which may require it.

Stay Updated

When it comes to home security, regular updates are a necessity. You must be aware of things at all times, whether or not you’re physically present at home. Gadgets such as the August Lock or video doorbells are the perfect way to keep an eye on a vacant home, which gives homeowners a lot more peace of mind.

This lock has many features which make monitoring your home much easier. The Door Sense feature also tells you the status of your lock, so you know whether it is locked or unlocked at all times. For busy homeowners who tend to work long hours, or even those who live alone, smart surveillance gadgets are a must. With the August app, you will always know whether or not your door has been accessed.

Reliable Home Security

Smart home automation is important in any modern home, but it may be difficult to determine where to start. In this case, a safe option is security gadgets.


If you are looking to begin smart home automation, a smart lock is a good start. It is a compact, low-maintenance gadget that you can take during a move. Investing in a smart lock is sure to benefit any kind of home, regardless of its location or size. You may find yourself feeling much more at ease once you have a smart lock installed in your home, regardless of where you are or what time it is.

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