4CED officials highlight agency’s digital marketing efforts

FARMINGTON — Members of the San Juan County Commission received a half-hour briefing on the work of Four Corners Economic Development officials during their Aug. 17 meeting, a presentation that focused on the agency’s digital marketing efforts.

Arvin Trujillo, the organization’s CEO, said Four Corners Economic Development is working hard to diversify the economy throughout the region, not just San Juan County. One of its primary vehicles for achieving that goal, he said, is its new website, which was launched on April 1, thanks to a $20,000 grant from the Merrion Family Foundation.

Trujillo has previously said 4CED identified the need for a new website last year and contracted with the Golden Shovel Agency — a Little Falls, Minnesota-based economic development marketing firm that emphasizes website development and online community — to produce it.

Chris Hunter, a 4CED consultant, walked commissioners through the new site’s particulars, describing how it represents a substantial improvement over the agency’s old site.

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Arvin Trujillo

“(Four Corners Economic Development) had a website, but the metrics, the ability to get people to stick with it, was minimal,” he said. “It was a start, but it wasn’t much.”

The new site features easy-to-access material about communities throughout San Juan County that had never been compiled in one location until now, Trujillo has said. Hunter said that material already is drawing attention, pointing to the fact that the average viewer is spending more than 8 minutes on the site. The average time a viewer spends on a typical economic development site is less than two minutes, he said.

That means people are finding value in the site, he said.

The agency also has launched new Facebook and LinkedIn pages that also are assisting the effort to digitally market the region, Hunter said.

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