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How to bring AI into your digital marketing strategy

30-second summary: Marketers are faced with massive amounts of information. AI/ML tools are the key to unlocking insights from a snowballing avalanche of data. We interview David Edelman, Harvard Business School Professor and AI marketing expert to understand how marketers can harness the power of AI. Edelman advises on topics including navigating the growing landscape… Read More »

Three Digital Marketing Strategies Any Business Can Employ ASAP

Steve Krull is the CEO and cofounder of Be Found Online, an award-winning digital marketing agency. getty Between inflation, labor shortages, supply chain woes and more, people have a lot to navigate, and these difficulties are amplified for organizations. All of these factors translate into challenges for businesses, like an updated customer profile, limited talent… Read More »

Implementing A New Digital Marketing Strategy? 10 Ways To Help Ensure ROI

As with many aspects of business, implementing a new digital marketing strategy can sometimes feel like a risky endeavor. When you’re new or have limited experience in business ownership, testing out new tactics and investing money in projects and initiatives that may or may not fail can feel like a waste of money and resources.… Read More »

In a shock to Apple, EU to introduce USB-C chargers for all electronic gadgets by 2024

In what comes as a landmark decision, the European Union Parliament on Tuesday approved new rules that make sure a universal charging port is introduced for electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, cameras, e-readers, earbuds and other devices by 2024.  The motion passed with 602 votes in favour and 13 against it. Accordingly, the vote… Read More »