10 Gadgets Batman Shouldn’t Have Used

Batman and his allies met a dangerous new villain named Failsafe with ties to the Dark Knight’s past. Failsafe was essentially a malfunctioning gadget, one of many used by Batman on any given night. The World’s Greatest Detective has quite a few gadgets and tools at his disposal that make his mission manageable for the skilled but all too human crime-fighter.

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Batman’s skill with gadgetry has led to the creation of some of the greatest tools in his arsenal. His job would be infinitely harder without his grapple gun or Batarangs. However, he’s tried to cut corners over the years with his Venom enhancer or let his paranoia run rampant with his creation of Brother Eye. The Dark Knight should have stayed away from those gadgets.

10/10 Batman’s Use Of Kryptonite Gum Could Prove Fatal

Batman spitting kryptonite gum into Superman's eye

Superman gave Batman a kryptonite ring to keep safe in case he ever needed to stop the Man of Steel. While there are some characters who can beat Superman without kryptonite, it’s still the easiest way to take him out. When The Joker corrupted Superman and the rest of the Justice League with Joker Toxin, Batman had to quickly adapt.

He wasn’t able to grab the kryptonite ring during the battle. Luckily, he created kryptonite gum pellets that he kept in his utility belt. They were an effective distraction against Superman that probably saved his life. However, kryptonite is fatally toxic to humans with enough exposure, and chewing gum laced with it might not be the best idea for Batman’s health.

9/10 Azrael Added A Lethal Bat-Flamethrower To His Armor

Azrael firing his flamethrower in his Batman armor

Bruce Wayne isn’t the only person who’s worn the cowl and stepped up to protect Gotham City. After Bane broke Batman’s back in the Knightfall event, Wayne asked Jean-Paul Valley/Azrael to temporarily take over for him as the Dark Knight. Valley dived into the role, though his Azrael programming drove him to redesign Batman’s iconic batsuit into something entirely different.

Valley added armor that resembled his Azrael suit, along with bladed gauntlets that fired razor-sharp bat shurikens. However, the worst gadget he added to his arsenal was a bat-flamethrower connected to his gauntlets as well. The shurikens were at least potentially non-fatal. The bat-flamethrower only added violence and carnage, which went against everything Batman stood for.

8/10 His Life-Saving Alien Robot-Guardian Caused Problems

Batman being saved by his Robot-Guardian

The Dynamic Duo met an alien member of the Intergalactic Police Force named Tel-Dar in the ‘60s. Tel-Dar gifted Batman with a Robot Guardian to help in his mission to protect Gotham City. Tel-Dar programmed the Robot-Guardian to save Batman’s life when its sensors determined he was facing a potentially fatal threat.

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Unfortunately, the Robot-Guardian’s sensors were incredibly sensitive, and it rushed in to save Batman at inopportune moments. The Robot-Guardian began interfering in Batman’s crime-fighting duties, quickly becoming the Dark Knight’s worst gadget. Batman and Robin fooled the Robot-Guardian into thinking it accidentally killed the Dark Knight and it self-destructed.

7/10 Batman Became Addicted To The Strength Of Venom

Batman using Venom split image with Bane using Venom

After Batman failed to save a kidnapped young girl from drowning, he vowed to become stronger so it wouldn’t happen again. An evil scientist convinced Batman to take a chemical compound known as Venom to enhance his strength and endurance. Batman became addicted to Venom, which began to alter his personality. He eventually recovered, but Venom would appear again.

The Venom capsules Batman took weren’t really on the same level as his other gadgets. However, characters like Bane enhanced and weaponized the delivery system. 2022’s The Batman also referenced Venom with the introduction of a unique delivery system incorporated into the Dark Knight’s suit. It helped him administer a dose to charge him up during the final battle.

6/10 He Created Gadgets To Defeat The JLA In Tower of Babel

Batman's contingency plans against the Justice League

JLA‘s “Tower of Babylon” storyline explored Batman’s dedication to preparing for any possible event. The League of Assassins took out the JLA one by one using specially-designed tactics to deal with their abilities. Scarecrow’s fear toxin made Aquaman afraid of water, Green Lantern’s own ring blinded him, and they took Martian Manhunter out of the fight with fire.

Batman eventually realized that Ra’s al Ghul had stolen his plans to take down the JLA. He even created gadgets that could attach to Flash’s spine to cause lightspeed seizures. Batman’s internal VR unit nearly killed Wonder Woman due to a brutal virtual fight. They neutralized the gadgets but lost their trust in one of the Justice League’s greatest and most effective leaders.

5/10 Batman Was A Vengeful God When He Used The Mobius Chair

Batman sits on the Mobius Chair and becomes a god

One of the most powerful gadgets in the DC universe is the Mobius Chair, which is usually operated by the New God Metron. The Anti-Monitor is one of DC’s most powerful cosmic characters, and he created the Mobius Chair using Element X. It was capable of moving through time and space to aid Metron’s never-ending quest for knowledge.

Batman took Metron’s place in the Mobius Chair during the Darkseid War to become the God of Knowledge. His new power threatened to overwhelm the Dark Knight. He apprehended criminals who had yet to commit any crimes and learned unwanted answers to lingering questions. The Mobius Chair’s power was too great for any man to control, even Batman.

4/10 He Created A Clone-Machine To Protect Gotham City Forever

Batman's cloning machine and an army of clones in the future split image

Batman is incredibly protective of his city, which is why he often doesn’t let other superheroes operate in Gotham without his approval. He spent years believing he was the only person that could keep Gotham City safe. He created a cloning machine that could also transfer his memories, ensuring Gotham’s safety forever. It helped him reclaim his lost memories after the “Endgame” event.

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However, it set up a potentially dark future for Gotham City overrun by insane Batman clones. Darkseid’s attempts to clone Batman ended with all of them losing their minds due to Wayne’s dark memories. Batman has decided to let others take on the role of the Dark Knight instead of creating an unending loop of trauma for Bruce Wayne and his potential clones.

3/10 Batman’s Paranoia Led To The Creation Of Brother Eye

DC Comics' Batman reflected in the pupil of Brother Eye.

The Identity Crisis series uncovered a few dark secrets from the Justice League’s past. Batman interrupted the original members of the JLA as they attempted to magically mindwipe and alter the personality of Dr. Light. Knowing Batman would stop them, Zatanna and the JLA decided to wipe his memories of the incident as well.

Batman’s paranoia increased exponentially and he began to distrust his fellow heroes. He created the Brother Eye satellite to keep tabs on Earth’s various metahumans. Maxwell Lord betrayed the Justice League and turned the Brother Eye satellite against metahumans with the OMAC program. Batman gathered his own team to shut down Brother Eye during the Infinite Crisis event.

2/10 He Used Element X To Create The Mind-Altering Son Box

Batman d World Forger looking at the Son Box split iamge with the Final Bat-Suit

Batman was shown his most powerful but dangerous creation by the World Forger, who was disguised as Superman from the future. The villainous version of Superman revealed he was able to create a utopia in the future thanks to the Son Box device created by Batman. He used designs from the Mobius Chair along with Element X to create the Son Box device.

It was capable of seeing into people’s hearts, but it was also able to manipulate others by altering their minds. Batman created his Final Bat-Suit around the Son Box to stop the present-day Justice League from threatening the future utopia. Thankfully, Batman realized that the Son Box wasn’t the way to fix things, and he helped put the World Forger on a different path.

1/10 Failsafe Is An Android Created By Batman Of Zur-En-Arrh

Failsafe standing above Gotham City

Batman didn’t just create plans to stop the Justice League if they went rogue. He used his Batman of Zur-En-Arrh alter to create a failsafe program to stop Bruce Wayne if he ever turned as well. Batman of Zur-En-Arrh designed an advanced android known as Failsafe and hid it deep within the Batcave. Only Alfred knew of its existence and could deactivate it, but he had passed away.

Failsafe activated when the Penguin killed himself and framed Batman for the murder. It knew Batman, his allies, and all of his plans and countermeasures. Failsafe was able to take down not just the Dark Knight but also the rest of the Bat Family. Failsafe was powerful enough to take over Gotham City, though it had little concern for the citizens.

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